Smart Home / Assistive Technology Products & Services
Hive provide a variety of Smart home / assistive technology solutions and systems to suit a variety of complex or individual needs. Our system is based around the Amazon echo, and uses simple voice commands to automate or control a variety of environmental functions. All devices are fully tested, off-the-shelf components available commercially, and are under standard warranty conditions. Hive install each element or module and configure an Alexa device (Echo / Echo Plus / Echo Dot / Echo Spot / Echo Show) to control it – specific to your needs.

We offer a modular service which means you can pick and choose different features to suit your needs.

Voice enabled modules include:
Core Alexa Module (comes with Call My Buddy Feature / Reminder Features etc).
Home Monitoring / Security Module (PIR Video Systems / Remote Video Doorbell Systems / Remote Lighting Systems / Alarm Systems).
Door Entry/Access Module (Video Doorbell & Door Access Systems).
TV/Entertainment Control Module
Home Lighting Module (Smart Bulbs).
Home Heating Module (Smart Thermostats).
Smart Plug Device Automation Module (Uniquely identify and automate any device using Smart Plugs).
Smart Air Con Module (Smart Air Conditioning Systems – managing environmental conditions and tackling airborne allergens).
Custom Adaption Module (Using a variety of devices and sensors to automate virtually any function in the home).
Carer Monitoring Module (Using a variety of sensors and dedicated software to allow carers to monitor the activities/actions of loved ones living independently.

What participants / users say about the technology:
DSC_0016bKeenan Family:
“This has been a really exciting and worthwhile project to be involved in. We can now monitor our entire home and ensure the safety and well-being of my autistic son Adam. Adam’s bedroom has also been equipped with sensory responsive lighting and he has his own Echo Spot which he loves. The voice enabled technology is so intuitive and it is really surprising how much it can do, and how many other smart devices it can connect to. Every day we are learning new things and asking Alexa something different, she’s fast becoming part of the family! Hive Studios have been really helpful in installing and configuring all the devices to meet our needs. It’s great to see the Housing Executive partnering with local businesses to offer innovative services like this to the community.”

DSC_0015Mark Gamble:
“When I first heard about this project from the Housing Executive I couldn’t wait to get involved. I’m quite into my Tech, and I think this is a great idea. I suppose in the past most people would be buying and using Smart Home Technology as more of a gadget thing, but the thought of using it in a targeted way to tackle complex needs is really clever. When you have mobility issues – the ability to simply ask Alexa to do a range of tasks for you like turning the heating off and on, seeing who’s at your front door and being able to let them in, turning your lights off and on – even simple stuff like reminding you at the right time to take your medication – is a godsend. And the ability to add remote monitoring and call my buddy features etc in the case of an emergency is a major life-line for some people, living on their own. Even in terms of reducing isolation – there’s so many opportunities for stuff like that now. In terms of increasing my independence – this project has been invaluable.”

Please contact us if you would like more information on our products or services. Hive install, configure and support systems all over N Ireland.
T: 028 7127 7487

Click here for more information about the project on the Housing Executive’s Website.